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About Me

Bacon Bits

Name: James K. Greenwood
Age: 27 years
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Cheese: Pepperjack
Color: #774DA2
Favorite Quote:

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

- Ernest Hemingway

Meat & Potatoes

I am a web developer and designer based in Baton Rouge, LA. My passion does not stop when I leave the office at General Informatics. Proficient knowledge of front-end techniques, loving structure, order, and quality. My skill set, like my mind, is forever growing.

Feel free to send me an email or yell at me on Twitter. I am anxiously waiting your message's arrival.

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Personal & Professional Portfolio

The items below are my most recent completed works for either freelance gigs or projects completed with the company I am employed with. Take a look and head to the Portfolio page to view all completed projects.

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Web & Design Services

Visual Identity

Creating a unique, awesome identity is the first step towards recognition since it's the foundational element of any web presence. If you are feeling you need to distinguish yourself from the competition, you can expect a unique, fresh experience from the work I will happily complete for you.


This is where our client-server relationship thrives. Be it the design for your multiple web pages, wedding invitations, or logos for your new startup, intuitive, clean, simple, yet exquistite design will be delivered ensuring you get what you need. Creating user-oriented experiences, it is ensured that the user experience on the finished product is a marvelous pleasure.

Content Management

Being a very active individual, staying busy and multi-tasking is an embedded part of my behavior. Handling and managing content for not only entire websites, but even social media for your company comes at an ease. My top-knotch organizational skills will keep your mind at ease in regards to your contents life activity on the web.


During our thriving relationship, our site became perfectly designed. Our trendy, cool logo is what some may call HOT. One item of note though is that it can only go so far as sketches and Photoshop files. Being proficient in multiple areas of not only web design but web development as well, I can deliver the compliant coding and scripting, for websites compatiable with any browser, ready to serve even the most anxious user.

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